Saturday, February 24, 2007

a new peice... okay so me and my power house amigos.. have decided to work on a little project... a quick simple little short.... this is the main girl... im not to happy with the line work but its just a sketch that i wanted to colour and get some new ideas rolling.. ... this is heavily inspired by a series of short films that my i got off a friend..i like the red one... because i stared at the orange one for way to long.. either way ENJOY =)

stay tuned for more updates on this new short we are making... it should be awesome..

edit: i added the green one too.. i didnt have it jpged earlier but my girl liked it the most so i figured it was worth putting up


Marko said...

If she a girl, how come she have no breast?

I like the orange one

Robin Hall said...

I like the red one, and I really like her socks and shoes!

nice, Bartek, nice!

Tapan Gandhi said...

i'm likin' the green one, and no, not just because its the only one left to comment on, cuz i really like it and green is my colour of the month

eda said...