Monday, April 02, 2007

Its Jupe again. Unfortunately production on Jupe has suffered due to the demanding films we are working on. The project is not yet dead, ive still been exploring aspects of the story/design.
This picture was my take on the more mordern simplfied style that seems to be drifting around.
Simplification has always been my weakness hence why i plan on trying to tackle it more often.
Also, i know most of my picture dont have much to them, but that because i dont have much time lately....
ANYWAYS we are in the home stretch to finish these films. Im excited for this years end.


Hodges! said...

thanks for checking out my blog, youve got some awesome stuff on here, i like the graphic style, the one of the guy reaching for his shoes through his thoughts is great

Halya said...

Yes! I love updates. Awesome :)

vadim said...

Hey nice yearbook page, everyone seems to make thier page like a little portfolio. I would also make just a simple illustration, if i had a page. But i don't.

Andre Barnwell said...

Feelin the flat style for here. Shit i say you go with that. Not in a cut out animation way but you get all the stretch and squash in a simple chracter like that. Nice way to dumb her down wit out dumbin her down.

belinha said...


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alexandre said...

Sup Btek, keep some of that lubster for me when school starts.



Catherine Yoo said...

This is really cute =)